A stunning new album

Love Stories (Deluxe Edition)

  1. Love Stories
  2. A Waterfall of Broken Hearts
  3. My First Love…
  4. Mosaics
  5. My Story
  6. Under a Cherry Tree
  7. Midnight Lullaby
  8. Tears in the Rain
  9. Nostalgia
  10. Contemplation
  11. By the Sea
  12. When We Were Young
  13. Solitude
  14. Send Your Love Up On My Shore
  15. The Prayer
  16. My Story (Orchestral) [BONUS TRACK]
  17. Nocturne [BONUS TRACK]

Out on December 10th!

Love Stories“ begins with the title track, a sweet expression of the feelings of a first date – “the red roses and candlelight.” Piano with light string washes get the album off to a lovely start. “A Waterfall of Broken Hearts” describes the first argument of the relationship and is darker and more intense. “My First Love” is played mostly at the upper end of the piano keyboard, giving it a feeling of lightness and innocence. The first or two versions of “My Story” is a heartfelt piece for piano and strings. Played with deep sincerity and emotion, it’s the perfect music for a romantic movie! “Under a Cherry Tree” returns to feelings of warmth and tenderness. “Tears in the Rain” and “Nostalgia” are both poignant piano solos – simple but very touching. “By the Sea,” also a gentle piano solo, has a pattern of rolling broken chords on the left hand that suggests the peaceful ebb and flow of the tide. “Send Your Love Up On My Shore” is different from the other tracks in that it is a duet for piano and organ. Although the sadness is very palpable, the organ adds a particularly mournful quality to the piece. “The Prayer” takes that mournful feeling even deeper. Recorded on a cathedral organ, it is the “official” funeral of love – “the very last words and very last goodbyes.” The last two tracks are bonus tracks. The first is a more fully-orchestrated arrangement of “My Story.” The second is “Nocturne,” my favorite piece on the album. Very calm and peaceful, it is a gorgeous “night song” for solo piano that I really like!

Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com

© 2019 Pavel Vondráček under exclusive license to Neor Records and Neor Classics


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